The question I asked in the form sent by direct email, Facebook, and twitter:

“What should should we name the French pig?”

Here are your responses as of 10pm March 17, 2014. Feel free to weigh in on these names by commenting below. But to get your name on the nomination list you need to submit it through the form.

Eric — it’s my ham maker’s name

etiketa horia — I believe the basque pig should have a basque name, I like the yellow tag, so etiketa horia, fits.

Feast — Because thanks to this pig there will be a feast for many people to enjoy.

Guillaume du Montagne — A distinguished name which belies the origin of the piglet, and in English is the slang for Southerners, Hillbilly.

BOB — Call him both as in ‘BOB’ which would be 2152..figured on numerical value of the alphabet. Nobody calls anybody BOB anymore…see above note though

Asier ASIER m Basque — Means “the beginning” in Basque.

“c’est ça” = that’s it — It is french and indicates that the pig is what it is and will be meet the end it will meet

Arnold Ziffel— The name of the pig in the TV show “green acres”.

Stay with “French Piggy”

Pascal — Just have a feeling.

Francis Bacon — A Philosopher, an Artist, and a Pig. All with a particular connection to meat…

Do not know yet

Xavier — cause it rhymes with savior and sounds great in Spanish

Pierre — Its a good respectable name for a french man.

pig367 — because it sounds like an aol email address, and that is becoming for pigs, I believe.

Meridian Leeward —

Pablo — Basque, Porky or Pinky would also be wonderful

Oink Basque Sally de Bearn — All of them should be named Oink and the other names should detail their life and after life on the way to ham.

Myolino — Because in Italian a little pig is maialino, so I thought I would I would phoenetic-ize it.

Yorick — Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio; a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy; he hath borne me on his back a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rims at it. Here hung those lips that I have kissed I know not how oft. Where be your gibes now? Your gambols? Your songs? Your flashes of merriment, that were wont to set the table on a roar? (Hamlet, V.i)

François — Truly the best representation of French ham is the Bayonne and for Francois to be truly French he must have the name that stems from the Latin meaning Frenchman. Could there be a better name? (Also in honor of my mentor and master. Charcutiere Francios Vecchio )

mr lucky

Porcelain — It is a pun, playing on the French for piglet (porcelet) and the French origin of the word. In French it is feminine — porcelaine — so without the e would be more appropriate.

Jambalaya — It is a cheery festive word, which matches the energy of a pig. A French word that sounds like “jambon” (and may include it), it is a Provençal word ‘jambalaia’, meaning a mish mash, or mixup. Provence borders the Basque region.

hugo — it’s short and quite french. i like it. it could also be monsieur hugo.

Louis — rhymes with “piggy” as in “Louis, the French piggy.”

Espelette — While french pigs of the Basque region are not protected by the AOC system, the famous franco-Basque pepper is, and naming your pig after it will root your little future cured ham deep in its ancestral geography. Dare we say terroir?


Sparky — It seems to suit the one pictured and is a happy name for the time he is on the planet prior to dining on him.

number seems best — Unless I had a closer working relationship with the pig, tending it, feeding it, moving it from place to place, I can’t imagine the best name. From this distance, at this time, he is a best know by his practical piggie number. I kind of think a name risks mocking the animal that will be serving us so well. And I trust mom sow knows him.

Monsieur Hubler — This was a real person, now a character in an adventure story that I have yet to finish writing. He was an old madman in a tough spot who was kind to me in Paris. He lent me 200 francs once. He let me draw his picture. He was a clochard, and my neighbor. He would scream about things in the night. He was quite an incredible pig, truly foul-smelling. His apartment was beyond the pale But he had a good soul. I’m glad we met.

Terry/Txerri — The name Terry is not gender specific, so whatever the piglet turns out to be, the name will suit. Also Txerri is Basque for Pig!

Kurt — I would make known my empathy for the poor little creature by donating my name.


Oh Oreo — Obviously (!) appears to be his god-given name. Also, good for him to have first and last, lest there be any confusion:)