Here are the three piglets that Julian chose as the most likely candidates for Jambon de Ibaiona:

(Click on the pictures to enlarge them)

   Zimist   aka Thor
Zimist aka Thor

   Xuri   aka Pinkie
Xuri aka Pinkie

   Lurra   aka Marcel
Lurra aka Marcel

Agnes had suggested these names:
Zimist (Lightning)
Lurra (Earth)
Xuri (White)

But I think she had her eye on another piglet when she was thinking of the name “Zimist”. There is a piglet in one of the litters that was not chosen that had a little lightning bolt on his forehead. But somehow that mottled, spotted pig reminded me of Thor from the inflight movie I’d watched on the trip over (Thor: The Dark World, to be exact). But maybe “Zimist” is close enough. But in my heart, I will think of him as “Thor” my little Thunder God.

Like I told you before, I have a habit of giving my animal companions — in fact, all my non-human companions — nicknames (for instance, I have a camera I call “Whitey”); so it makes sense to me to give these piglets proper names (Basque ones) and also nicknames. Nicknames evolve.


…these pictures are priceless Elaine.
I don’t know why but I am drawn to the middle picture in each row, not an arrangement thing but somehow THAT is the picture that seems to reveal the piggy character of each. I adore the brown guy…
I am always amazed at the personal character piglets display. Their personalities really reveal themselves very early on. I have a picture of a piglet at chapolards that i always go back to, i call her the flirt because that is exactly what she did. She would climb the wall and pose…in very seductive ways, looking back over her shoulder with a coy flutter of eye lashes….hahaha

Thank you, Bill. I must say I have a soft spot for Lurra too. He was so hard to photograph though. He’s even more gorgeous in real life. His big shoulders and his pink eyeliner are irresistible. The shy glam rocker.