Edible Magritte at MoMA (Young Girl Eating Bird/Pleasure)

(6 x 9”) Dark chocolate bird filled with raspberries and rum)


This dinner experience interpreted the Rene Magritte exhibition at MOMA in 2013. In collaboration with Chef Lynn Bound of MOMA’s Cafe2, I developed a six-course menu based on several works in the exhibition. The evening included a tour by one of the exhibition curators. The final course of the meal required the diners to reenact the pivotal and carnal painting, Girl Eating Birl/Pleasure. No utensils were offered. Diners bit into their birds, red juice gushed out and the chocolate melted on their bare hands revealing the raspberry “guts.”

  Edible Magritte at MoMA (Young Girl Eating Bird/Pleasure)   (6 x 9”) Dark chocolate bird filled with raspberries and rum)  (2013) Edible Magritte at MoMA (Young Girl Eating Bird/Pleasure) (6 x 9”) Dark chocolate bird filled with raspberries and rum) (2013)

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Öster Malma

(Size: 20 x 20″)

Archival Digital Print on Hahnemuhle Rag Bright White (2013)

From the Öster Malma Portfolio

Photos from a 2013 visit with the chef and the butcher of the wild game butchery at the national hunting association of Sweden about 1 hour from Stockholm. The photos were taken about the same time I was developing Edible Magritte.

This Little Piggy

This Little Piggy is my current multi-disciplinary project in which I will adopt five pigs in five ham-centric countries and follow them from birth to ham.

Project blog: www.thispiglet.com.

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The Fourth Leg (Event Documentation)

Performance/Event Documentation (2011)

During the course of the 3-hour performance at Postmaster Gallery (NY), artist and butcher discussed our complex relationship to pigs and pork while breaking down half a pig. The ten participants were challenged to confront their own physical being as compared to the dead animal that became meat before them.

Utilizing the entire animal is just one way we show respect for the life of the animal. Since before the use of fire, butchers and cooks have been allies in this endeavor to feed ourselves mindfully.

Sour Cherry Pie

Homemade sour cherry pies, invitations, emails, three weeks, annual performance (2004-present)

Sour Cherry Pie is an annual art project that is part endurance performance, part journal. For nearly a decade, I have made one sour cherry pie a day and shared them with my friends and acquaintances. I send an email report to the pie list each time a pie is consumed. The performance lasts as long as the cherry season, about three weeks. It happens in the most intimate of spaces: my kitchen, your mouth, a picnic basket, your table, a park bench, my private email list and an under-trafficked blog. You can read the emails on my blog Nothing Happened Today.

My first electronic artist book, “Sour Cherries 2012” chronicles the 20 sour cherry pies that I baked during the heat wave of 2012. This iBook includes over 250 original photographs, video and text. (iPad only) Available on the iBookstore